designing PJ: What do you shoot for?

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designing PJ: What do you shoot for?

Post by rudelf » Wed Jul 11, 2007 12:15 am

In a group of less cultured men, every female passing by is judged on a scale from zero to ten .- sometimes whistled at. The criteria are established not by democratic vote or dictatorship, nor fashion, but by sound biological principles, which makes it proper, in sort of way.
In designing PJ laws of physics apply, the immutable. Striking similarity. To use the energy of the fuel mixture most effectively, some say up to 50 per cent, the detonation wave reigns supreme, with theoretical speed around Mach 24.
This obviously is a challenging and highly rewarding field for an amateur; the expensive rocket scientists are still in the kindergarten listening to tails of Werner von Braun. Have you seen recently any aircraft or space launch vehicles flying around using detonation wave propulsion? Although one must notice the truckloads of books and books about the books on the subject.
Number ten detonation wave comprise correct mixture closely resembling in shape a sphere. Short cylinder will suffice. The mixture must be initiated at the front chamber wall. This is a serious challenge because the engines usually are red hot. Mixture in a shape of short cylinder may start also at the diameter, but most will hopefully be initiated in front. Multiple spark plugs right in or near the front wall are necessary. Such wave will proceed in correct direction unencumbred by excessive length, insensitive and frequent variation of the diameter or shape of the engine and will be contained within only for time absolutely necessary to create vacuum. Such a wave must be short, violent and discrete, not connected to the preceeding wave, otherwise you get something resembling a drunkard in a distillery bouncing back and forth, forgetting he was once a human.
It must be noticed that in laboratory experiments chasing the highest power output they invariably use straight tubes; it does not require excessive intelligence.
In designing PJ we have choices clearly confined by laws of physics. I personally aim at number 10 - and it is not more expensive. Valved or valveless, no difference.
fly with me,

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