PDE’s Detonation chamber

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PDE’s Detonation chamber

Post by gforce » Sun May 20, 2007 7:04 pm

Hi, I am a big fan of Pulse Detonation Engines and I have been looking at every type of PDE that I can find on the web. I have noticed that there are many similar types of engines and all of them have the exact same type of Detonation chamber, aside from the valve configuration. This has led me to wonder about two different types of Detonation chamber.

1)Make the chamber look like a cylinder head from a hemi. Ford says that it gets more power from it because the gas gets more kinetic energy then just a flat cylinder head does. Maybe this could make the engine run a little more efficiently

2)Make the chamber look like an aero spike, though I am not sure about the role of the shock waves on this configuration, the aero spike should speed up the exiting flow making a more efficient engine.

Any way I am just looking for some other opinions on this, I am just a noobe.

Thank you [/url]

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