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Software Question

Post by Hank » Tue Jul 27, 2004 9:10 pm

Hello- I need input from anyone familiar with Winfoil 2.2. This design program worked for me for a week before developing corruption. The CD will not reinstall a registered version, limiting ability to the point of uselessness.
I have received no answer to inquiries from this Australian based, US distributed software entity.
Please advise.


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Post by Rescyou » Wed Jul 28, 2004 1:06 am

Find the folder the program is in and copy and paste the whole directory under a different name and don't touch the original folder. (Just backs up your data somewhere incase there may be registration data in it)

Uninstall the Winfoil using it's uninstaller (if it exists) or the usual windows uninstaller. Find the directory where it originally was and delete the whole folder.

After that done try a reinstall and see if that helps.
Check the Winfoil websites for updates and install

Check to see if it works, If not, uninstall it again, delete folder again.

Backup your registry
Go into REGEDIT and search for winfoil, delete each entry that you find.
Reinstall again and check it.
Reinstall updates and check it.

If all that crap don't work, your hooped and will have to wait for tech support to get back to you.

You also try downloading their evaluation software and see if that works.

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