Returning to the air

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Returning to the air

Post by Ghrey » Wed Sep 24, 2014 6:35 am

I have been getting back to the R/C flying hobby lately, and I have derived the following definitions, and rules.

Good launch: The plane has been heaved into the air at a good angle and in a safe direction.

Launch; The plane has been heaved into the air.

Takeoff; The plane has taken off from the ground under its own power. If it actualy achieves flight the word Good may be applied, duration of flight is often a factor.

Flight; The period of time between launch/takeoff and reaching the ground, see below. If there is an audience, what ever happened one should act as though that was exactly what was intended. Having a very nice broom and trash can standing by may help.

Amazing landing; The plane is completely under control, and gracefully touches down reaching the ground gently. Note : this only happens in YouTube videos, never in real life.

Good landing; the plane reaches the ground in a controlled manner.

Landing; the plane reaches the ground.

Crash; the plane reaches the ground, and pieces come off.

Catastrophic crash; the plane reaches the ground, and a broom is required to collect what's left. This also covers situations where fire results from reaching the ground.

General rules of conduct;

Always make sure that there is at least one fire extinguisher present.

Fly away from people, expecially those controlling other aircraft.

A robot vacuum cleaner follow up for your broom will impress the neighbors, extra points for style if it looks like a Dalak.

Do not fly anything anywhere near the '64 1/2 Mustang in the parking lot. The lot is out of bounds, and the owner is bigger than Godzilla.

Do not charge your batteries in your plane, fire before takeoff is bad form. It may get you lots of views on YouTube but it is still bad form.

In the process of moving, from the glorified phone booth we had to the house we have.

No real time to work on jets, more space, no time.

Life still complicated.

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