Incredi-bull new/old application for pulse jet theory

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Incredi-bull new/old application for pulse jet theory

Post by Equalizer » Fri Jun 28, 2013 1:04 am

I'm writing to see if anyone thinks that a one-way valve in a tube could be used, because of wave reflections, to put fresh air into a pressure tank without the conventional method of forcing it in directly against the tank's resisting pressure. Like a pulsejet but it uses two or more check valves in a series.

It was patented in 1936, the patent is one page long and it only shows a picture of a double check valve in the middle of the tank, being fed from a pulsating pipe of air from a multi-piston compressor. With the statement that the compressor will be able to pump air into 200 psi while resisting only 15 psi. No rationale is given but an engineer read the patent for me and said it would work if tuned, and told me to study pulse jets. So here I am.

If anyone wants to discuss the possibilities of compressing air this way, I'd be glad to hear what you have to say. The purpose is to reduce the cost of running air compressors.

Here is the patent:

Here's a good article from 1947 or earlier explaining how different pulse tube shapes can influence wave reflection to get the valves to stay open longer, in a pulse jet.

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