I call it "The Boomerang effect" …

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I call it "The Boomerang effect" …

Post by luc » Mon Jul 30, 2012 8:44 pm

The "Boomerang" effect is a universal law that states;

"What ever you do in life, is returned to you, good or bad"

Well … Here is a good story and example that can come as a great lesson of life for many ... :wink:

And, I have to admit that when I found out about this from the Web, it brought a nice smile to my face, although I never wish "Bad" to others, but "What goes around comes around" … Sorry ... :wink:

Few years ago while with GLC, a group of peoples caused a lot of problems to the company. Although these peoples at the time, pretended to be "Great investors" and "Funds raisers", they turned out to be nothing more then "Non desirable" peoples as we sensed them ... You can call this a "Gut Feeling".

Out of these three peoples, one simply disappeared without a trace and reasons, and it's now easy to understand why and as he too at the time, probably discovered the real nature of his two partners.

The second guy, carried out a direct "Illegal" action against the corporation and then disappeared too from what it seems as we never heard about him after his illicite action.

As for the last one being this group leader, well … This one always seemed to somehow, be able to keep his "Hands clean" and I never heard from him too after this saga was over.

As it was known at the time, these last two guys are known not only to have caused great problems to the corporation, but also being somehow and/or somewhere tangled and/or involved with some GLC's shareholders and one sewing the corporation at the time.

Now what will follow, REALLY demonstrate that; "What ever you do in life or to others … Life always brings it back at you".

Some time ago doing Web search like I often do, I decided to do a search on this "Last Character" and discovered a Web news paper article about the guy.

As discovered by the "Financial Market Authorities (FMA)" or Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), this guy who at the time was a life insurance representative and financial counselor, was discovered and held responsible of an apprx. 1.2 million dollars insurance scheme, declared "Guilty" and radiated for life from and by the "Financial Security Chamber".

You can find the news article here http://www.journaldequebec.com/journald ... 72007.html , this article still being part of the public domain, although it is in French … Sorry.

In fact, not only he did it once, but did it TWICE, the first time being caught and ended up paying a 50,000 $ fine, which did not serve as a lesson because he went right back at it and found again to be radiated for good.

Did I mentioned "Gut Feelings? Well … You will find interesting the fact this third "Character" carried out his scheme between 2007 and 2009, 2007 being also the year these guys including him, were causing problems to the corporation and pretending being "Great Investors" and fund raisers. So convincing, that even some of GLC's own shareholders came to see these guys as such and saviors (How EMBARASSING this might be today).

Good thing "Gut Feelings" kept us away from these guys, although the company suffered this dicision greatly soon after, otherwise, NOT ONLY they would have been our partners and shareholders right at the time this guy was carrying out his scheme, but probably under investigation at the same time.

Talk about a "NEAR MISS" or good "Gut Feeling", for it is obvious having been associated with these guys at the time, would have probably been the "Finishing Shot or Blow" for GLC, not does it matter allot today, but still, the lessons are good.

Lesson 1; ALWAYS listen to your "Gut Feelings" when it talks to you …
Lesson 2; If you want no shit from/or in your life, don't cause shit to others …
Lesson 3; What goes around … Comes around … :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Remember .... Always follow your gut feelings ... :wink:

Good day,
Designer & Inventor

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