E-Flight Apprentice good first plane?

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E-Flight Apprentice good first plane?

Post by jonahailsa » Mon Oct 17, 2011 7:21 am

So i fly helicopters, i can do flips and rolls, and some fast forward flight, and i am thinking i want to fly planes to, but i dont know what plane to go with first, apprentice, or the super cub.

i really want to go with the apprentice b.c its bigger, and comes with a brushless setup, but i was told i should start with the super cub b.c its slower not as big, and easy to fly, but being a fast learner and i get board easy, i just think i would out grow the cup way to fast

could i learn to fly planes with the apprentice with out to much difficulty, or would i be in over my head

oh yea i do have a sim, and a dx6i and i can fly planes on the sim and land them to.
hello , i am new , a girl who have many boy's hobby,like rc helicopter,rc airplane,I often DIY and play with it in the park . so what is your hobby ?

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