Advanced Pneumatic Cannon

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Advanced Pneumatic Cannon

Post by Zippiot » Sun May 24, 2009 6:02 am

I built 2 of them today, the big one scares me and will probably never be used again. Got the idea from a paintball gun I built in class, the cannon is semi-auto but I didnt design in a way to reload it quickly...

I have only used it at 60psi so far, waiting for the glue to fully dry. A test shot of an old bolt left a hole in my fence...and that was without the barrel on!


The Blue is the first Barrel (Main Barrel not attatched) and you can see it is inside of the Main Air Tank [black]. The Barrel has 2 holes drilled in it, shown as Yellow. Red is a sliding Bolt, when the Bolt is forward the air is trapped in the tank but when you slide it back the holes are revealed any any projectile inside is launched. It is sem-auto but takes a second to refill between shots, not too loud but at 60psi it blows holes thru cardboard! I have pics and video on my cell I will upload them soon.
I am very impressed with how well it works, but needs constant oiling to keep it sealed.
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