Wanted Dead or Alive: Two Book Reviewers

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larry cottrill
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Wanted Dead or Alive: Two Book Reviewers

Post by larry cottrill » Thu Oct 30, 2008 4:05 pm

If you actually sell something, either online or offline, I have a deal for a couple of people. What I need is two reviewers for my new marketing e-book Precision Pricing - The Best Strategies for Pricing Your Product or Service Competitively. I'll give you the PDF for free (a $7.00 US value) to review. The only catch is: I want people who don't mind my using your first and last names along with quotes from your reviews as part of my sales page (because, believe it or not, honest praise from sincerely interested non-celebrities is a highly effective marketing tool!). I would want you to be willing to give your name, city and state (or country, province or whatever) to go along with your quote, and optionally will also show your Website link or email address if you want to publicize it. (Of course, on the slim, remote, outside chance that your review is unfavorable, I'll have to pull back and revise my book further and ask again.) But for this process to work, I need a couple of guys who are actually selling products of some kind (even if just information products).

Your review can be as critical and as detailed as you want. For your quotes, I would be looking for what you see as the book's perceived value, the specific benefits you think you gained, what you learned from it, etc. Don't worry about being a great writer; I can make minor edits for grammar, spelling, usage or whatever.

To whet your appetite, here's the Table of Contents (the PDF is 37 pages total in size):
1. Pricing -- all you need to know
2. Working with price sensitive buyers
3. How to achieve "winning price"
4. Pricing according to the type of product
5. Pricing strategies that improve profit
6. Price skimming as a pricing strategy
7. Is psychological pricing an effective strategy?
8. Market penetration pricing
9. Promotional pricing
10. Competitive pricing
11. Offering discounts as a part of your pricing strategy
12. Alternative pricing strategies
13. Re-pricing techniques to increase the appeal of your offering
14. Value based pricing
15. How do you know if your pricing is right?
16. Index

I'll give this to the first two serious takers; I should be able to deliver the PDF as an attachment to a personal email, or you can specify another method that works best for you. I would ask that you get me your reviews in a week to ten days if at all possible.

L Cottrill
Cover - Precision Pricing - The Best Strategies for Pricing Your Product or
Service Competitively - Graphic Copyright 2008 Larry Cottrill

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