Jet design software?

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Jet design software?

Post by Charles » Fri Oct 17, 2008 3:39 pm

Hey all,

I've been flickering through allota the posts to see all the types of software you guys use to design and build your jets, while I was moving through threads and also using the provided pulse-jet forum excel sheet, is their any other types of sheets for other types of pulse-jet designs?

I noticed one of the admin/mods was using something called (PJ analysis tool?) Whatever that is I don't know, so I'm asking about for some info as I'm not as experienced as you guys yet, quick leaner though :D

One piece of simple software I've liked so far is from just add your setting and print :) but this is also lacking because the specific dimensions in which pulse-jets will run cannot be had from this software so, only useful if you know what your doing up-front :)

So I've got the forums excel sheet and all the patterns from the main website & cone creator? any where I could get some other variable type jet designs from? See I'm kinda looking at them all and sort of picking them to bits and looking at how and why they run all the differing designs have good and bad points, I'd like to see as many of these as I can in order to gain experience building model that are almost certain to work before experiencing and designing my own from scratch. also it will help if I can modify a standard type of jet to work with my valveless idea.

*Does that sound crazy way of going about it?
I just think of it like a car? you find the one you want, then mod it, no?
I'm just still in the looking and learning department :(

All the best,

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