Dead Milkmen, PJs and PHS (putting the "Ram" in "Ramjet"?)

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Dead Milkmen, PJs and PHS (putting the "Ram" in "Ramjet"?)

Post by pezman » Tue Oct 07, 2008 5:15 pm

Figured I'd open up a new thread in light of the fact that "Sebastian LFT" and I apparently graduated from the same high school (and in order to avoid squatting on WebPilot's MotorPsycho's thread, where this fact was first revealed).

Damn -- what a small world. There are a few quasi-famous people that were in my graduating class -- Jewel Palovack (Grizzly Man fame), Cindy Rapp (A Supreme Court clerk of some note), Dean Sabatino and Dave Reckner (Dead Milkmen fame and generally influential in the regional punk scene "back in the day") -- I'm sure that there are few that I'm missing. Dave was one that I would not have voted for as "most likely to become Alternative Music Impresario" -- not that I knew him all that well.

All this set me a-google and I stumbled across this interesting link ...

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