Somebody Selling The FREE Pulse Jet Plans Again.....

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paul skinner
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Re: re: Somebody Selling The FREE Pulse Jet Plans Again.....

Post by paul skinner » Sat Dec 24, 2005 4:56 pm

Eric wrote:I emailed the guy and asked him to remove any of my content. At first he was very nice and said that he would remove it, then he said it was removed, and then the next email he said:
"The pulsejet calculator has been removed from the item.

The two videos that you claim are yours have been removed from the item, and have been REPLACED by seven videos that are NOT from your site, and are CERTAINLY not yours."
I only asked that he remove any of my content, since I didnt have a specific list of the videos I couldnt just go "hey those are mine!".

I am thinking that someone should buy one of the CD's leave negative feedback about selling copywritten material and let everyone know what is on it so we can all at least threatten to sue. It would have to be someone who either has a real lot of positive feedback or doesnt care about negative feedback since he would likely retaliate with negative feeback.

Also would it be possible to create some kind of sticky post listing "blacklisted ebayers" who do this kind of stuff?


It doesn't need to be anyone....again, from an old posting. IF you live in Europe....let's say France. You can create an ID on ebay. They won't ask for a credit card like they do in NA. Therefore you can bid on any auction at will. And leave feedback...even perhaps bid up to the thousands of dollars (sticking the seller with the selling fees, and his problem of getting them back from ebay). I'm not suggesting you should. I'm just repeating how it's been done before.

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Bruno Ogorelec
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Re: re: Somebody Selling The FREE Pulse Jet Plans Again.....

Post by Bruno Ogorelec » Mon Dec 26, 2005 8:19 am

Paul Skinner wrote:does Christmas make anyone else surly? The crowds were crazy this morning.
My wife is a great planner and for us, 99 percent of everything we need for Christmas is secured at least a week before. We avoid almost all the crowding and when we do wander into town for some reason, we just marvel at the madness.

For instance, we buy presents mostly in the summer. This is when we often travel abroad. Bringing stuff from abroad for presents is a fairly safe bet -- easier to find new and interesting stuff, no one else is likely to buy the same thing etc. etc. If you buy a lot of presents (we do) it is also easier on the budget, as it spreads the shock over a greater period. Also, when you're not in a hurry, you can afford to think about each purchase, choose just teh right thing etc.

But, not everyone has the luxury of being married to my wife. :o)

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re: Somebody Selling The FREE Pulse Jet Plans Again.....

Post by Eric » Wed Dec 28, 2005 6:38 pm

Well I decided to finish up my Pulsejet DVD and put it on ebay. Should put all the sumbags selling CD's out of buisness.

If they are stupid enough to copy it or take content from it and resell it then they should make me quite a bit of money :)


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Jim Berquist
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re: Somebody Selling The FREE Pulse Jet Plans Again.....

Post by Jim Berquist » Sat Dec 31, 2005 2:11 am


My father is a nationaly known wildlife photographer.

He runs into this once in a while with people using his photo's with out payment....

He found that as long as he can prove prior use of dated material...

be it Gift.....Posting.....Sold......It's every bit as good a Patent......

Send the Worm a bill for 25% royals and if he refuses to pay find the

state he is from and $50.00 can start a small claims action....

You don't have to follow it up ...But it would make the Worm Squrm.....

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